Advanced Antenna Electronics

We offer the full range of antenna electronics for the growing demand of OEM customers and consumers for seamless connectivity solutions.

The demand for secure, stable and fast connectivity solutions is still growing, on our customers side and on the side of drivers and passengers. Today consumers expect to seamlessly transfer their mobile lifestyle into the vehicle. Therfore our product portfolio covers a variety of customer-specific antenna solutions for the automotive industry, to enable holistic connectivity solutions that support drivers and passengers to fully enjoy superior connected infotainment, comfort, services and security.

Continental Concludes Kathrein Automotive Acquisition

Continental has completed the acquisition of Kathrein Automotive GmbH. Incorporating the automotive division of the antenna and satellite technology manufacturer Kathrein will add an important key segment to Continentals wealth of expertise. Intelligent vehicle antennas are a key solution towards realizing our concept of Holistic Connectivity.

Press Release
  • 智能天线模块


  • Telematic Antennas
    Telematic Antennas

    Our Telematic Antennas manage data services in the vehicle, as well as signal requirements for mobile devices of passengers.

  • Homologation

    Here you will find the EU declarations of conformity according to directive 2014/53/EU for our Antenna Electronics Solutions.

  • Broadcast Antennas
    Broadcast Antennas

    Broadcast Antenna for receiving analogue and digital radio as well as TV-signals in best quality.