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Control Units

Generic Vehicle Control Unit

Primarily designed as a vehicle control unit the interfaces of the gVCU NG are dedicated for different accelerator pedal types. The unit provides several CAN and LIN interfaces, digital I / Os and analog inputs as well as frequency I / Os with different characteristics. The gVCU NG is available in two hardware variants: one for 24 V and one for 12 V environment.

Benefits & Features

  • Generic vehicle control unit, also usable for many other purposes
  • MBDS toolchain for safe and reliable application function programming
  • Supports applications up to ASIL B acc. ISO26262
  • Available for 24 V and 12 V environment

Technical Information


218 x 135.6 x 40 mm

Nominal voltage

12 V and 24 V

Operating temperature

-40°C up to +80°C

Protection class

IP40 (with connected plugs)

Pedal interface

1 PWM, 1 Analog, 1 Remote

CAN interface


LIN interface

2 (one for usage with 24 V and one for 12 V LIN slave components)

Internal flash


Internal SRAM / external EEProm

512 kByte/128 kByte

Input, digital

21 (there of 7 wake up and 11 ASIL B capable)

Input analog


Input frenquency


Output high side

1A = 13, 2A = 4

Output low side


Product Highlights