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eHorizon Road Surface Condition

AI-based predictive information about the road surface conditions enabling safe assisted autonomous driving functions.

AI-based predictive information about the road surface conditions enabling assisted and autonomous driving functions.

  • The innovative service delivers a completely new level of reliable information about the road condition – before the vehicle or driver can actually sense it
  • The road is classified into dry, wet, heavy wet, icy and snowy road segments providing valuable insights for a large number of use cases
  • AI models deliver predictive and granular information in short update cycles to avoid dangerous situations and substantially increase the safety for drivers
  • Enables powertrain, chassis and ADAS function improvements and increases the availability of assisted and autonomous driving functions

Our disruptive approach supports new use cases and driving functions.

  • The service comes with pre-filled road surface condition information and reduces dependency on vehicle data
  • Flexible tuning of the service outputs allows for high customization of safety and comfort for drivers, e.g. availability of automated driving assistance systems
  • Easy and quick deployment in new regions for large vehicle volumes
  • Increases safety for drivers and avoids accidents, as road conditions beyond sensor visions are taken into account
  • See here, how the eHorizon Road Surface Condition Service enables the driving function  PreviewESC  increasing safety
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End-to-end service powered by a supervised model for reliable and highly accurate road condition information.

    road surface condition
    • Cutting-edge supervised models take into account various data sources combined with ground truth data
    • Weather forecast data as basis to deliver global forecasts without pre-filling with vehicle data
    • Precise service considering road topology, road type, water height and environmental conditions
    • Optional enrichment of model with vehicle sensor data, e.g. outside temperature, wiper status and friction data
    • Friction corridors can be derived from the road condition information

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