Electronic Brake Systems


Motorcycle Anti-lock Brake System

Continental has developed a new generation of its compact 2-channel ABS for motorcycles. In this system (MK 100 MAB PYA), a new type of inertial 6 DOF sensor is optionally integrated directly on the circuit board of the ABS. Thanks to this high integration, a separate motorcycle inertial measurement unit is no longer required. Series production of the new system will start for the first major motorcycle manufacturer in early 2024.

Benefits & Features

  • Anti-lock brake function for the front wheel and rear wheel
  • Lift-off Protection for optimum deceleration and stability (Rear Wheel Lift-Off Protection, RLP)
  • Sport ABS for the racetrack
  • Off-road ABS for off-road driving
  • Traction Control System (TCS)​
  • Optimized Curve Braking (oCB)
  • Option: Integrated pressure sensor at front wheel for improved functions
  • Option: Integrated inertial sensoric (6 DOF IMU sensor)​
  • New MCU to integrate additional functions

Technical Information

452 ccm

Box volume

620 g


92 x 84 x 62 mm


Top Highlights

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