Automated Parking

User-Centric Parking Functions

Easy to Use Parking Functions

Have drivers intuitively use all available parking features without having to look for the right buttons to push. Instead, our parking solution focuses on the driver being guided to use the available parking functions at any given moment.

At Continental we take immense pride in our expertise in automotive engineering. We specialize in developing cutting-edge parking technologies that are poised to transform the way OEMs tackle parking obstacles in the global market. With our deep understanding of the industry's needs, rest assured that we have mastered the art of conquering curved sections, navigating narrow spaces, effortlessly handling parallel slots, and triumphing over lock plates and much more!

Watch the videos below to see how easy to use our parking functions are:

Parking Backward

The vehicle recognizes all available parking spaces and displays them to the driver on the display in front. The driver can intuitively select the parking space in which they would like to park their car, by simply selecting their choice of parking space from the display.

From the moment of selection onwards, the car takes over the complete parking maneuver. The driver can always keep an eye on the maneuver through the display. The car will also brake on passing pedestrians or other obstacles, if required, without ending the complete maneuver, but rather just going into a pause mode. Instead, the driver can continue with the maneuver at the push of a button.

Backward Parking with Lines and Wheel Stoppers

In this scenario, the parking maneuver is realized based on lines and wheel stoppers. Our AI-based algorithm recognizes can recognize different types of wheel stoppers and during the parking maneuver displays to the driver that they have been detected accordingly.

Also here, the easy use of the parking function for the driver is the focus. The car recognizes the available parking spaces, and the driver selects the one to be parked in by selecting it on the display in front. Furthermore, the driver can select if the car is to be parked in forward or backward, depending on their own preference.

The car is parked automatically in only two strokes.

Forward Parking Based on Lines

In the forward parking scenario, the car recognizes all available parking spaces as it drives along and displays them on the screen. Once the driver has reached the parking spot they want to park in, they simply select it from the screen.

In that instance, the car driver can select the direction they want the car to be parked in. In this case, forward parking is selected, and the car begins with the forward parking maneuver which is based on lines.

The car is parked automatically in only two strokes.

Forward Pull-out of Parking Space

In this scenario, the driver can select whether the car should pull-out of the parking space to the left or to the right by selecting the direction on the touchscreen.

The car then automatically starts pulling out of the parking space – the driver always being in control, for example, being able to put their foot on the brake. The car only continues once the foot has been removed from the brake pedal.

Once the pull-out maneuver has been completed, the driver takes over.

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