Over-the-air testing and verification of automotive antenna solutions is important especially for higher order MIMO antenna systems.

Commercial cellular networks have a lot of drawbacks - often they offer only „state-of-the-art 4G“ and 2x2 MIMO, the number of users is changing constantly and network configuration is not controllable. Moreover, unlimited data traffic (rate and volume) is necessary to carry out reproducible measurements.

To overcome this, Continental has set up a unique private 5G testbed in the south of Germany to carry out drive tests with massive MIMO and Beamforming in a typical urban / sub-urban environment.

  • Single-user in the network
  • Stable, well-known link parameters and configurations
  • Proprietary post-processing software for drive test data analysis
  • Highly reproducible drive test results
  • Installation in city center of Rosenheim, Bavaria
    (urban/ sub-urban environment)
  • 5G NR Band n78 (3.6 GHz) – TDD
  • Non-Stand-Alone (NSA)
  • 4G Anchor: LTE TDD B38 (2.61 GHz) / 4x4 MIMO
  • Massive MIMO / Beamforming
  • 2 sites / 5 sectors
  • Extension planned with additional sites / sectors

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