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Right Turn Assist - RightViu® 

RightViu® assists drivers in turning maneuvers. The system uses a highly developed radar sensor to detect whether a road user is inside the vehicle’s danger zone, and it warns the driver of a possible collision by means of an acoustic and a visual signal. Thanks to its flexible and modular design, RightViu® can be adapted to any vehicle model and also retrofitted to match individual requirements.

Specifications and User Benefits

  • Radar technology to widen the field of vision (4 meters to the right, 14 meters to the rear)
  • Dual warning signal – acoustic (buzzer) and visual (lamp)
  • Automatic detection of a turning situation by a steering angle sensor
  • Optimum human machine interface without additional screen
  • Better detection of moving objects by radar technology  
  • Flawless operation (by day and by night)

Benefits for Fleet Operators

  • Efficient retrofit solution in OE quality
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Comprehensive coverage – flexible to suit all commercial vehicle classes and semi-trailer types
  • No maintenance needed after installation
  • Self-diagnostics with remote transmission
  • Short downtimes and low costs
  • Calibration and start-up done by specialist workshop
  • Goes beyond the requirements of the German BMVI directive


Technical information on the radar-based right turn assist system

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For an accident-free future of mobility

Turning maneuvers by trucks can be immensely risky and stressful. That goes for pedestrians, cyclists and other unprotected road users in the vicinity of the vehicle, and also for the driver himself. RightViu® is the pioneering solution to effectively minimize the potential risk that lurks in the “blind spot”.  

One step ahead

Road safety is everybody’s business. This is why the German ministry for traffic and digital infrastructure (BMVI) has launched a campaign focused on turn assist. Its aim: to fit as many trucks as possible with this potentially life-saving technology, before it becomes mandatory for new vehicle models in 2022 and for all newly licensed vehicles from 2024 onwards. RightViu® is now already enabling this important step towards the future of mobility.

How RightViu® provides more safety on the road

RightViu® extends the driver’s field of vision by up to 4  meters to the right and 14 meters to the rear, which goes beyond the requirements of the applicable BMVI directive. Not only that, the system is equipped with a VRU (Vulnerable Road User) software that detects moving objects.


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