Passive and Integrated Safety

Integrated Sensor Enhancement

Vehicles are equipped with many sensors for different purposes. However, these sensors are not always optimized for being used for any other purpose.

For this reason, Continental developed a SW  based solution to improve the sensor signal of acceleration and  angular rate sensors for stronger requirements than the initial use  case had.

An example is the offset drift of yaw rate sensors which needs to be  compensated much more accurate for automated driving. Another  example is the levelling of the headlights. Both use cases can be  enabled with this SW improvement without placing additional or  more expensive sensors, but simply by re-using the existing sensorsetup.  This contributes to the sustainability of the whole vehicle  lifecycle.


Benefits & Features

  • Compensation of offset drift for acceleration and angular rate sensors
  • Important input to headlight levelling function
  • More use cases can be satisfied with existing sensor-setups
  • Contributes to sustainability of vehicles

Technical Information

< 0,05deg/s

Angular rate offset accuracy

< 0,1m/s²

Acceleration offset accuracy

< 0,05m/s²

Acceleration "Z" offset accuracy

Low runtime, RAM and ROM consumption


Empowering Sensors – Supporting New Functions

Sensor technologies and sensor applications have a long and successful tradition with Continental Automotive.

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