Vehicle Safety for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Safety Engineering Service

Vehicle Safety for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Testing Portfolio

With its Safety Engineering segment, Continental applies a specifically developed engineering and testing process for electric vehicles and their special requirements. Our engineering team is skilled in the field of vehicle safety and specially trained in legal requirements, for example ECE-R 100. This regulation applies to the integration and release of highvoltage components.

In addition, we are well grounded in the requirements for chassis and interior automotive light weight construction. Light weight construction comes into play during the development process of electric vehicles, in order to compensate for the additional weight caused by the electric powertrain integration.

With our systems engineering, numerical simulation and testing facilities, we ensure that the vehicle will fulfil the legal requirements worldwide, as well as the demands put on vehicles in the field. Furthermore, we are able to draw on additional engineering skills within the Continental Corporation.

In our workshop we possess the tools and the expertise for handling the high-voltage technology of electric vehicles, from preparation work on a component level to complete vehicle crash testing and post test analysis.

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