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Vehicle Electronics and Software Engineering

Our experts participated at ELIV 2023, the world’s largest congress for automotive electronics, software and applications

October 18, 2023 -  ELIV 2023 (Electronic in Vehicles), the world’s largest congress for Automotive Electronics, Software and Applications organized by the German Association for Engineers (VDI) was recently held in Bonn, Germany. We participated in this event with experts from Continental Engineering Services (CES), as well as those from our subsidiaries Elektrobit and Argus Cybersecurity, participating in various keynotes, panels and discussions.  

Our experts at ELIV 2023 included Martin Schleicher, Head of Software Strategy, Software and Central Technologies (SCT), Continental Automotive, who is also a member of ELIV’s program committee. Others included Joerg Luetzner, Head of Innovation Management, Smart Mobility, Continental Automotive; Pia Dreiseitel, Head of AI Technologies, SCT R&A, Continental Automotive; Dr. Joachim Schlosser, Senior Manager Strategic Consulting, Elektrobit; Dr. Rainer Holve, Director Elektrobit Consulting; Prof. Dr. Rahamatullah Khondoker, Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Argus; and Andreas Heise, Head of ADCU Technology and Principal Expert Mechatronic Technologies, Continental Automotive.  


Dr. Joachim Schlosser, moderated the breakout session on ‘Vehicle Architecture – Strategy’ and Joerg Luetzner was the moderator of the session on the ‘Future of Transportation.’ Meanwhile, Dr. Rainer Holve moderated a session on Architecture and Software. The breakout session on ‘Security Vulnerabilities’ was covered by Martin Schleicher, who also was a part of the panel discussion on the ‘Transformation of Working Environment.’  

In addition to the various panel discussions, Prof. Dr. Rahamatullah Khondoker gave the audience a glimpse into Argus’s everyday work in his presentation ‘Tales from an Automotive Penetration Testing Team’ that focused on security-aware automotive development. Andreas Heise, presented on Scalable Plug & Play High-Performance Computer and Fluid Cooling solutions. Finally, Pia Dreiseitel talked about how Generative AI can help develop better products and is a key enabler for self-supervised learning in her presentation. Next to the presentations, Continental Engineering Services presented its highlights at its booth onsite at ELIV.

ELIV 2023