PASE - vehicle access and engine start system

PASE – Classic Access

Maximum ease of use and convenience

The PASE system enables keyless access to the vehicle and start the engine  without having to hold the key in your hand. The vehicle’s system recognizes the  matching key automatically on approach and opens the vehicle.

Passive Start Entry Coverage Area

Technical Solution

  • Bidirectional communication between vehicle PASE key - even at long ranges
  • Lower system cost thanks to optimization of the components used (antennas and sensors)
  • Different antenna designs depending on the vehicle segment and market
  • Increased driver convenience


Prevention of relay attacks and safer keyless access

  • High performance relay attack defense
  • Precise proximity determination to support secure access and start authentication
  • Enhanced key localization  
  • Fast reaction time and secure distance measurement (ToF/ Time-Of-Flight)
Brandless key FOB

Remote  Keyless  Entry (RKE)

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems represent the standard solution for  conveniently locking and unlocking a vehicle’s doors and luggage compartment  by remote control.  ​

  • Convenient opening/closing and optional customization​
  • Trigger of immobilizer
  • Innovative transmitter design​
  • Low energy consumption​

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