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One box brake system

The one box brake system MK C2 is Continental’s second-generation brake-by-wire system.

MK C2 is Continental's second-generation brake-by-wire system and has been in series production since 2022. The system integrates the master cylinder (MC), brake booster and control systems (ESC and normal braking) into a single compact and lightweight module. MK C2 is built upon Multilogic Architecture, which increases the functionality and availability of the system. Additionally, MK C2 builds upon the history and experience from the innovative MK C1, and once again makes a major contribution to safe and dynamic driving, as well as energy efficiency.

MK C2 makes a major contribution to safe, dynamic and environmental conscious driving with 100% efficient regenerative braking. By combining the system with an Hydraulic Brake Extension (HBE), MK C2 has a redundant fallback-level for highly automated driving. It also comes with up-to-date cyber security features and OTA functionality that can be easily installed in the vehicle.

In terms of benefits to the driver, the system offers significantly quicker buildup of autonomous braking pressure than conventional hydraulic systems, resulting in swift response when braking.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduction of 5g of CO2 per km as per WLTP testing, when compared to conventional system
  • Innovative architecture supports use of true zero drag calipers, further decreasing emissions
  • 100 percent efficient regenerative braking system
  • Multi-logic architecture supports parking-pawl removal from the transmission and Valet Parking
  • Reduction in size, weight and number of components when compared to MK C1
  • Reduced installation effort during car production

Technical Information

4.3 dm³

Box volume of approximately

4.7 - 5 kg

Unit weight (depending on variant)

Top Highlights

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