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OLED Displays

A New Era of Display Technology

Fans of consumer electronics have been relying on OLED devices for a long time, and now Continental is also convincing car drivers of the organic light-emitting diodes.

The integrated OLED display provides a first-class user experience and offers automakers another opportunity for differentiation and individualization.

Thanks to the self-luminous property of organic light-emitting diodes, the OLED display is highly sustainable and energy-saving.

Benefits & Features

Aesthetically pleasing user experience thanks to brilliant black, impressive color space and slim design.  Significantly increasing design freedom.

  • Brilliant deep black and very wide color space for high-quality,  user-friendly content
  • Significantly less energy consumption than a comparable LC for typical automotive content
  • Highly sustainable and energy-saving

Technical Information

One of the ways OLED technology achieves an aesthetically pleasing user experience is through its ability to light up itself. This means that no backlighting is required, as is the case with conventional LC displays.

Furthermore, the OLED display impresses with its brilliant deep black background, which increases contrast and improves readability. In addition, the organic light-emitting diodes enable a very wide color space and thus form the ideal prerequisite for high-quality, user-friendly content. Contrast and color diversity are maintained by OLED over a very wide viewing angle of almost 180° without loss, which makes the display in the center console in particular interesting for front-seat passengers.

  • Multi-display extends from the driver's area to the center console
  • Two screens optically bonded behind a curved glass surface
  • Deep black background increases contrast and improves readability
  • OLED technology only ever lights up those pixels that are needed for the information
  • Very wide viewing angle of almost 180° without loss

OLED Display Layers

  • Cover Glass
  • Optical Bonding
  • Polarizer
  • Encapsulation & TouchBackplane
  • OLED Stack
  • Backplane

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