Power Door Control

Our Power Door Control provides the convenience of a butler by enabling autonomous door opening and closing. The assist-mode significantly reduces the physical effort for users to open or close the door, especially by compensating external influences such as inclination or wind. It also includes a touchless obstacle detection via collision avoidance sensors and triggers automatic door stops to avoid damage to the vehicle as well as accidents with people.

Benefits & Features

  • Fully autonomous opening and closing of the door (optional: combination with hands-free access PASE)
  • Collision detection & automatic door stop function
  • Inclination compensation
  • Speed regulated operations
  • Emergency release with low vehicle battery
  • Adjustable speed profile
  • Anti-pinch functionality for opening and closing

Technical Information

  • Power Door functionality controls door actuators and provides different operation modes:
    • Hold mode for infinite door locking position
    • Assist mode to support user forces and inclination compensation
    • Automatic mode to enable full autonomous door opening and closing
  • Force-detected anti-pinch functionality
  • Function can be integrated into a Door Control Module via advanced CAN implementation
  • Function can be integrated into a smart actuator (motor integrated) via LIN communication
  • Power Door actuator provided by our mechatronic partners

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