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Advanced Light Control

Function as a Product

Continentals advanced light functions are highly adaptive for satisfying current regulations

Benefits & Features

Compared with daytime driving, night driving is both more exhausting and more dangerous. Therefore, advanced lighting functions are targeting to optimize the light distributions in order to achieve best drivers’ visibility condition, improved safety and highest driver comfort. Hence that, functions like automatic leveling and glare free high beam are getting state-of-the-art globally on all markets.  

Technical Information

  • Leveling
  • AFS low beam light distributions
  • Bending light
  • Predictive bending light (eHorizon mandatory)
  • Glare free high beam
  • Predictive lighting distance (eHorizon mandatory)
  • Increased safety due to optimized lighting
  • Visualizations of light functions before HW development
  • Supporting development and testing period
  • Support various headlamp types and resolutions
  • Virtual night drives (before vehicle is built)
  • Customization due to symbol projection
  • SiL testing
  • Test report creation
  • HiL testing
  • Parameter export
  • Night drive analysis/preparation
  • Guided and automated parametrization

Light Topic Hub

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