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MultiViu® Professional 12 Generation 2

Instrument cluster with 12.3-inch color display

MultiViu® Professional 12 Generation 2 – an instrument cluster with a 12.3-inch color display and maximum design freedom, in which animations and videos can also be implemented. Fully programmable, it adapts to all individual requirements. Thanks to its modular structure, it fits seamlessly into a wide variety of front frames.

Benefits & Features

  • Flexible, customizable and situation-controlled human-machine interface according to "Simplify your Drive"
  • Powerful software that meets the requirements of graphics and needle animation
  • Wide range of interfaces for easy integration into the vehicle architecture
  • Larger and colorful display presents the increasing flood of driver information and driver assistance functions in a structured way
  • Powerful dual µC hardware to flexibly support future MMS requirements
  • Time- and cost-optimized development during the project phase by using the Continental software toolchain
  • Modular product concept with customizable telltale module and front frame
  • Can be integrated into the Driver's Workplace

Technical Information

414 x 219 x 56 mm

dimensions Classic

335 x 173 x 54 mm

dimensions Modern

12,3 inches

display size


aspect ratio

1920 x 720 pixels


-30°C to +70°C

operating temperature

IP 54/IP20 respectively

protection class front or back/side


high-speed CANs