Driving Comfort

Electronic Air Suspension System

The Electronic Suspension System (ESS) represents a milestone in the development of chassis technology. With the electronic possibilities and a new intelligent bellow technology the ESS offers the highest safety plus comfort and sportier handling to the driver. ESS automatically adjusts damper and suspension levels as well as vehicle height to different driving conditions and load changes. The complete air spring systems, modules and components are offered for all types of cars and Vans, especially for luxury limousines, SUVs, station wagons and transport vehicles. The system is tailor-made for each type of car.


Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic ride: Lowering the vehicle at high speed in combination with variable spring characteristics lead to perfect dynamic ride
  • Noticeably improved comfort: ESS delivers maximum ride comfort in all driving and loading conditions
  • Reduction of roll and pitch movement: Increased vehicle handling and stability in combination with controlled dampers
  • Increased safety especially in loaded condition
  • Reduction of wheel load fluctuations
  • Energy & CO2 reduction by lowering the level of the car
  • Fuel savings: Fuel cost savings
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) allows the optimum setting for all driving situations, terrain, speed and load (e.g. ride height, suspension characteristics)
  • Reduced tire maintenance costs: No camber change, reduced tire wear, longer tire usage (optimum tire traction)
  • Closed Air Supply System: Drastically reduced energy requirements and a smaller package
  • Development strength: 100% in-house development for air suspension systems and damping control systems
  • Air spring expertise: For passenger cars for more than 20 years

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