Brake Hose

Type 12


Brake Hose Type 12 focuses on the improved volumetric expansion at an increased temperature.

Continental has many decades of experience in brake hose manufacturing. Our high level of expertise with respect to the installation in the vehicle, as well as optimized assembly processes and a high degree of automation secure a world class quality standard. Brake hose Type 12 is in series production since 2013 as a subsequent evolution of the Type 11 brake hose, focusing on the improved volumetric expansion at an increased temperature.

Benefits & Features

  • Lower volume consumption at elevated temperature
  • Reduced impact of difference in volumetric expansion at pedal feel compared to standard brake hose
  • Superior weather and ozone resistance
  • Meets all industry and certification standards (FMVSS 106, SAE J1401, GB 16897, ISO 3996, IS 7079 etc.)
  • Various configurations of the end fittings, flow bolt retained by a crimped washer, middle fixation and protection components

Technical Information

Reduced outside diameter to 9mm

2 reinforcement layers of Rayon

Volumetric expansion at RT max 1,00 cm3/m (200bar)

Volumetric expansion at 100°C max 1,50 cm3/m (200bar)

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