Electronic Brake Systems


Motorcycle Integral Brake

If a Motorcycle is equiped with a MIB system, the brakes on both wheels are automatically applied, when the driver operates only the hand lever. In case of an emergency braking situation the best possible deceleration will be provided.  The MK 100 MIB EVO is in series production since 2018.

Benefits & Features

  • Linked braking front to rear wheel brake for optimal deceleration while applying the hand lever
  • Particularly sensitive and robust lift-off detection for the rear wheel to achieve an optimal deceleration and stability
  • Sport ABS for the racetrack and off-road ABS for off-road driving
  • Optimized Curve Braking for safe riding when braking in turns
  • Hill Holding function for a comfortable drive-off without the driver having to actuate the brake

Technical Information

800 ccm

Box volume

1.100 g


99 x 98 x 83 mm



pressure sensors

Option: Integrated inertial sensoric (PYA)

Top Highlights

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