Display Solutions

Natural 3D Displays

A new dimension of user experience.


3D technology has become extremely popular - and for good reason. Besides the enhanced visual experience, there are many advantages of a 3-dimensional presentation of information. It allows for superior usability, because the perception of information can be accelerated. Additionally the interaction between the vehicle and passengers is more comfortable and intuitive, becoming closer to the real world.

Continental has invented a new 3D display with innovative Lightfield technology from Silicon Valley Startup Leia. This solution offers a real 3D experience without the need for further components like head tracking and therefore saves space, effort and cost while significantly enhancing the user experience.

Enhanced Usability

  • Accelerates the perception of content and information
  • 3D enables a user experience (UX) much closer to the real world
  • Superior 3D display technology compared to existing barrier mask or lenticular technology
  • 3D Experience is not limited to a specific viewing angle and passengers can also enjoy a full 3D view.
  • No head tracking system or special 3D glasses needed

Lightfield Technology

  • Real 3D perception of information in the instrument cluster and secondary display
  • Innovative 3D Lightfield technology in cooperation with Silicon Valley startup Leia Inc.
  • Rendering of highlights, sparkles and other complex light effects possible
  • Real time presentation of information for seamless interaction

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