Seat Systems With Compatible Components

Seat Comfort Systems

Our Seat Comfort Systems offer a large variety of functions

Seat Comfort Systems

Our innovative Seat Comfort Systems provide drivers and passengers with a maximum range of premium comfort and safety functions


Depending on the season and the personal preferences, vehicle occupants have a choice of heated seat and climate controlled seat functionalities. Up to twelve directions of adjustment adapt the seat to each individual body in a matter of seconds. These adjustment settings can, of course, be stored in memory and recalled at any time. Comfort functions like massage, memory recallable static contour settings of the backrest and dynamic lateral support for stabilizing the body when the vehicle is cornering are additional features that round off what our innovative Seat Comfort Systems typically have to offer. Above and beyond this we offer a host of other functions for different situations, such as easy entry/easy exit, anti-pinch protection, key personalized memory for the driver seat position, and much more.

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