Actuator Controls

Liftgate Trunk Lid Control

The power liftgate control unit lets you open and close your liftgate automatically with programmable height.

Actuator Controls Product Portfolio

There is a large variety of actuators   Continental is providing for manifold purposes which making the live of the driver and the passenger easier.

Benefits & Features

In combination with the smart access system and/or a capacitive kick sensor integrated into the bumper, easy hands-free opening and closing can be realized. Alternatively,  the liftgate or trunk can be operated using buttons on the lid and/or the key fob.

  • Diagnostics for various OEMs
  • User interfaces for various OEMs
  • Learning and adjustment mechanisms for the different system types
  • High accurate positioning
  • Anti pinch protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Mechanic protection

Technical Information

  • inclination compensation
  • automated liftgate opening and closing
  • programming of upper stop position
  • Tip 2 Run
  • assisted manual liftgate actuation
  • control of single and dual drive systems
  • indirect anti-pinch for object detection
  • hands-free access
  • speed regulated liftgate movement
  • automated trunk lid opening and closing
  • control of unidirectional and/or bidirectional power strikers
  • adjustable speed profile
  • liftgate end damping / liftgate slam protection
  • interfaces to / integration of interior and exterior enhanced object detection* (only concept)

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