Advanced Radar Sensor


Long Range Radar

ARS51x is a radar sensor for forward looking applications like ACC and with focus on safety functions as EBA compliant to world wide standards at best cost. ARS51x is designed for an installation behind a plastic cover in the vehicle front area (bumper, grill, etc.).

Benefits & Features

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Emergency Brake Assist supporting EuNCAP18 and EuNCAP20 as well as further NCAP standards
  • Traffic Continuation Indication, Traffic Jam Assist (in combination with Camera)
  • Blockage detection / Auto alignment
  • Elevation measurement capability Safety Integrity Level according to ISO 26262: EBA: max. B
  • Frequency approval compliance for following core countries - European union / Russia / USA / Canada / Japan / South Korea / China / Australia
  • Supports fusion with Camera, Navi, etc.

Technical Information

83 x 68 x 22 mm (w/o connector)


~130 g


210 m @ 0°


± 50°

Field of View

55 ms

Update Rate

-40° to +85°

Temp. Range

4.8 W

Power Dissip.

12 V

Supply Voltage

76…77 GHz

Operation Frequency

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