Battery and Current Sensors

Digital Temperature Sensor

The Digital Temperature Sensor with its minimum intrusive design improves the performance and sustainability of the Thermal Management System of electric vehicles.

Continental has developed a digital temperature sensor with a minimum intrusive design to improve the safety, performance  and sustainability of the thermal management system of electric vehicles.

The sensor is placed in e.g. coolant lines of the high-voltage battery system. Temperature data is transmitted via the LIN protocol.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduced fluid flow resistance increases the efficiency of the entire fluid line, helping to reduce the weight of the entire system
  • Digital interface reduces wiring harness between sensors and control units and enables optimization of computing power between sensors and ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
  • Reduced risk of leakage, additional diagnostic functions and ASIL rated components increase the functional safety of the digital temperature sensor

Technical Information

5-10 s (t_63)

Response Time Target


Accuracy of thermistor


Fluid Contact


Communication Interface

≥ 1 Hz

Sample Frequency

-40°C – 110°C

Temperature range

Our Sensor Highlights

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