Control Unit

Scalable Chassis Control Unit - SCCU

The Scalable Chassis Control Unit is the central electronic device for vertical dynamics control.

It provides permanent adjustment of the damping force depending on road conditions and vehicle speed and controls the air suspension system of the vehicle while optimizing passenger comfort and dynamics.

Benefits & Features

  • One central Scalable Chassis Control
  • Unit Safety concept up to ASIL D
  • Cyber Security features
  • Permanent optimization of comfort versus traction & safety
  • Determination of current road and driving conditions
  • Driver configurable height & comfort characteristics

Technical Information

Air Spring: Support of open and closed loop air supply systems incl. air springs with switchable volumes

Control of single or dual valve hydraulic dampers

Sensor system (internal sensors): Roll rate Ω(x) and vertical acceleration a(z), Pitch rate Ω(y)

Sensor system (external sensor interfaces): PSI5, PWM, Analogue

Communication interfaces: CAN, CAN FD, Flexray, Ethernet

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