Friction Brake

Green Caliper

The new lightweight Green Caliper offers high braking performance with less weight and, at the same time, significantly reduced residual braking torque.

As a result, CO2 emissions of up to 2g/km can be saved for combustion vehicles. For electric vehicles the range is increased.

To reduce weight, not only has the housing been made significantly more filigree, but also the lining mass for use in battery-electric vehicles (BEV) has been reduced. The electrification of vehicles and the associated reduction of brake maneuvers due to recuperation offer extended possibilities for the use of drum brakes not only on the rear axle but also on the front axles of vehicles.

Due to the rapid progress of the electrification of vehicles, the hydraulic brake actuation can be replaced by an electric control. Because of the simpler system implementation, the first solutions for dry brakes are installed on the rear axle.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduced CO2 emission​
  • Reduced drag torque​
  • Reduced weight ​by downsizing and pad thickness reduction​
  • High brake fluid volume in fall back level allows bigger air gaps
  • High control rate enables good end customer experience
  • Potential of “Green Caliper” can ideally be utilized in a system approach in combination with Continental MKC2

Technical Information

< 0,2Nm​

Drag Torque

< 0,2Nm​

Drag Torque after Endurance run

~ 15% - 20%

Weight reduced

Efficiency (Pressure vs. Torque) comparable


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