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eHorizon Platform & Services

The eHorizon Platform is an end-to-end aggregation and distribution platform for cloud-based services.

The eHorizon Platform is an end-to-end aggregation and distribution platform for cloud-based services.

  • Similar to entertainment streaming platforms, the eHorizon platform integrates both Continental’s as well as third party services and content and finally delivers the service to the end consumer
  • Content creation: Both Continental as well as third party content can flexibly be integrated for new cloud-based services
  • Content distribution: The content and services can be distributed via the cloud with global coverage enabled by our highly scalable platform
  • Content consumption: End-to-end delivery of data and services to the vehicle including the in-vehicle client software from  Elektrobit

The eHorizon Services provide predictive information on the road ahead – beyond sensor vision.

  • Continental's eHorizon Services provide always fresh information on map- and weather-related content, e.g. road conditions, speed limits and weather-related road hazards
  • eHorizon Services avoid and minimize the risk of a variety of serious accidents and reduce emissions
  • The modular platform design allows for an easy and customizable integration of various additional third-party data and services

The eHorizon Platform enables a variety of use cases enhancing driving safety, comfort and sustainability.

  • Connected map management: Always deliver the freshest SD and HD map data across several map providers to vehicle and driver with Continental’s eHorizon  Maps on Demand  service
  • Road conditions: Enable safe and comfortable driving with Continental’s eHorizon  Road Surface Condition  service delivering dynamic information on the road ahead, e.g. road classes like dry, wet, snowy or icy, as well as road temperature and water height
  • Road hazards: Inform driver and vehicle with dynamic hazard information on the road ahead and beyond vehicle sensor vision
  • Traffic management: Inform driver and driving function on traffic light status in form of a green wave assist

Increased safety with Continental’s PreviewESC application

  • With dynamic information delivered by the eHorizon Services, the PreviewESC automatically adapts the vehicle speed to the road surface conditions ahead to fundamentally increase safety
  • With this extremely accurate knowledge of the road ahead, vehicles can take pre-emptive action against potential risks
  • Read more about our PreviewESC use case in our  Press Release

Intelligent Speed Assists benefit from our reliable, map-based information ensuring compliance

  • With the new General Safety Regulation, Intelligent Speed Assistance   becomes mandatory in new vehicle types by 2022
  • Due to environmental conditions, camera-based solutions deliver incorrect speed limits leading to dangerous situations and road risks
  • Our eHorizon Services support camera-based solutions with map data to ensure compliance and always deliver accurate speed limit information – irrespective of the environmental conditions

Our end-to-end technology provides high flexibility for our customers and their service offerings.

eHorizon Grafik
  • Complete end-to-end solution including in-vehicle client software and services
  • Data generation based on crowdsourcing technologies and third party service aggregation
  • Over-the-air delivery of map data and dynamic road event data
  • Strategic cooperation with industry-leading partners allows for the provision and delivery of a standardized NDS map format and the ADASIS in-vehicle protocol

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