Ultrasonic Height and Pressure Sensor – UHPS

The sensor works with given natural reflector faces (buffer stop, piston shoulder, etc.) inside the air spring without trumpet because of its temperature compensation. Height measurement: Inside the air bellows using contactless Ultrasonic measuring principle. Pressure measurement with enhanced accuracy.

Benefits & Features

  • Reducing weight and number of active parts (level gauge and lever system) in a vehicle
  • Reducing wiring and connector expense
  • Protected against environmental influence and manipulation
  • Simplify vehicle assembly process

Technical Information

Power supply

8 ... 32V, central Load Dump protected by e.g. ECU

Maximum current consumption


Operating medium

clean compressed air with small amount of particles

Overpressure resistance

17 bar

Operating Temperature range

- 40°C ... +85°C

Storage Temperature

up to 110 C for max. 1h with unit unpowered

IP class

6K9K with installed plug and cover

Plug type

Tyco HDSCS 4 pole (1-1418390-1)

Connection to bead plate



< 200g

Safety Level


Our Sensor Highlights

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