Brake Actuation

Brake Alu Booster

Generation III Aluminum Booster

The latest brake booster generation (Booster Gen. III) features further weight reduction (full aluminum with reduced wall thickness) and an ultrashort installation length.

We supply vacuum brake boosters in both single and tandem design, in all required sizes. All product variants are available in conventional steel, but also in lightweight aluminum housing versions. The tie rod version, available for all designs, features further weight reduction and also optimized deflection characteristics. Frontbolt designs on a tie rod basis simplify assembly at the OEM.

Benefits & Features

  • Weight optimized aluminum concept
  • Packaging optimized concept
  • Available as Tierod or Front Bolt version
  • Other sizes and steel shells on request
  • Compact design

Technical Information

45 %

weight reduction or 1700 gr. vs. conv. 8/9“ steel booster concepts

12 %

length reduction or 15 mm vs. current concepts

Available sizes: 8/8“, 8/9“, 9/9“

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