Automated Valet Parking Type 2.jpg
Intelligent Vehicle Maneuvering

Automated Valet Parking Type 2 (AVP2)

AVP 2 infrastructure systems take over the vehicle at dedicated points at a facility and park the car autonomously. The vehicle is guided by the infrastructure installed in the parking garage.

Benefits & Features

  • Autonomous guidance of vehicles in public garages
  • You leave your car at the hotel / airport entrance, and it parks itself
  • Your car avoids any obstacles and finds a new path around obstacles
  • If you want to leave, you just call the car, by e.g. smartphone app, and pick it up at the dedicated exit point
Automated Valet Parking Type 2.jpg

Technical Information

Infrastructure-based sensors and sensor data processing for perception and path planning

Path information is sent to the car wirelessly to allow steering to parking space

Minimum vehicle hardware requirements needed

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