Power Stabilization

DC/DC Converters stabilize the vehicle’s power net system

For a reliable operation of all vehicle components DC/DC Converters effectively avoid voltage drops and malfunction in case of a weak battery.


DC/DC Converters for an Optimum Energy Balance

To ensure a reliable and safe operation of all vehicle components it is important to avoid voltage drops. Especially if the engine is started or re-started the voltage of the electrical system drops, causing disruptions in the operation of radio, navigation or smartphone.

DC/DC Converters stabilize the power supply for selected loads during the engine cranking in start-stop systems. It buffers voltage drops and avoids malfunction  in case of a weak battery.

Benefits & Features

  • Scalable power classes (200 - 400 W)
  • Diagnosis interface via CAN, LIN or Pulse-width modulation
  • Communication interface via CAN or LIN
  • Integrated terminal 30 By-pass
  • Short circuit protection
  • Terminal overload protection
  • Voltage ramp-in and ramp-out
  • Prediction of re-cranking possibility (dynamic temperature behavior)
  • Modular, scalable design to deploy different classes
  • Smaller and lighter than two-battery electrical power system

Technical Information

6 V – 16 V

Supply voltage in the range

6 V – 26 V

Input voltage range

10.5 – 14 V with a resolution of 0.5 V

Stabilization of output voltage

12 V +/– 0.5 V

Second supply-terminal

–40 – +85 °C

Temperature range

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