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Interior driver safety solutions.

Active Emergency Belt Control


Occupants are being prepared for an accident or emergency brake by triggering a reversible electro-mechanical belt tensioner.

  • Haptic warning for occupants in hazardous situations
  • Seatbelts and airbags are fully effective if occupants rest
Child Presence Detection CoSmA UWB With Driver

Continental Expands CoSmA with Life-Saving Child-Presence Detection Function

The Child-Presence-Detection function detects children left behind inside the vehicle and triggers a warning

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Occupant Safety Monitor


    The Occupant Safety Monitor acts as a permanent monitor of the environment in the vehicle in terms of safety. The information of several suitable sensors (e.g. camera, radar, position/weight sensor data from sensor systems, etc.) results in a complex sensor fusion model. By means of this model optimum deployment strategies for the restraint systems are permanently being calculated - individually for each occupant.

    It gives important information to the deployment strategy of restraint systems and is suitable for new restraint concepts. The monitor detects whether occupants are too close or too far to the airbag (Lean Backward Warning, Lean Forward Warning). Body structure including the direction of the head also is being detected.

    Benefits & Features

    • In case of an accident activates the restraint systems specific to the occupants’ situation
    • Pre-conditioning of restraint systems individually for each occupant
    • Adjustment of seat position, belts and airbag thresholds
    • Passive Safety for AD using new interior concepts at all types of L3-L5 autonomous cars
    • Occupant detection, especially children (Child Presence Detection) via radar and/or camera

    Technical features

    Sensor fusion of camera, radar & seat position

    850 nm or 940 nm

    Includes a global shutter camera with IR illumination

    Camera functions: Head pose and orientation; eye lid movement; gaze sector analysis; driver identification

    Use of Road AND Driver camera data possible

    Function can be integrated into the Airbag Control Unit (ACU) Premium

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