Ultrasonic Parking Sensor


CUS320 is a sensor dedicated to low-speed maneuvering situations and enables different use-cases from driver warning to automated Parking. The sensor measures the time of flight to an object (Echo-Localization principle). The time of flight is converted to a measured distance. Software for the ultrasonic signal processing (designed by Continental), interprets these measurements, and determines the appropriate actions to take. CUS320 completes our ADAS solutions portfolio and is becoming a pillar of our hardware components foundation to deliver full stack. Planned SOP with a full-stack solution is 2024.

Benefits & Features

  • Dynamic Range Mode (DRM): Enabler for standardization
  • Parallel Signal Firing (PSF): Enabler for higher update rate 
  • Coding among sensors Enabler for improved ​Self-diagnostics
  • ASIL-B compliant acc. to ISO 26262
  • Paintable

Technical Information

+9V …+16V​

Supply Voltage Range

-40 … +85°C​

Operating Temp Range


IP Classification

15.5 mm


15 g


52 KHz.


P2P or bus

Car Connectivity

DSI3 interface

Car Communication

3 or 4

Pins per Sensor Group 

16 cm  up to 550 cm at RT 

Detection Ranges

120° x 60°

Field of View

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