Fist Type Caliper (FA/2FA)

The 2nd generation of the new Fist Type Caliper FA/2FA meets the latest customer requirements and shows superior NVH, judder robustness and drag torque performance.

It combines the well known product robustness of the 1st generation FA/2FA with the new market requirements.

Benefits & Features

  • Easily scalable over wheel sizes
  • Heavy duty applications possible
  • Optimized housing & bracket stiffness/weight ratio
  • Pushed brake pads & large pad area
  • Optimized pad equilibrium, low pad abutment position
  • Optimized and advanced NVH performance
  • Optional: Active pad retraction feature for zero drag
  • Optional: Design plates & coloring

Technical Information

Material of housing: Cast iron (GJS) & Aluminum

Ø34 up to Ø66

Single pistons

2xØ40 up to 2xØ60

Twin pistons

up to 50kN

Tangential load

Top Highlights

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