E-Powertrain Sensor

eRPS - e-motor Rotor Position Sensor

High-speed inductive rotor position sensor measuring the angular position of the rotor shaft in synchronous electric motors.

High-speed inductive rotor position sensor measuring the  angular position of the rotor shaft in synchronous electric  motors. The sensor signal is required for an efficient e-machine  torque control used in electric and hybrid vehicles.

This stand-alone sensor is based on highly accurate inductive  technology and provides amplified analog sine and cosine  output signals to the motor inverter.

The compact and slim sensing solution combines several functions. Moreover, the robust overmolded and laser-welded sensor can easily be mounted at the end of the rotor shaft.

For the end-of-shaft version, the integrated outer connector can route the redundant sine and cosine output signals and supply the stator temperature sensor information and grounding connection as well.

Benefits & Features

  • Provides the direct sine and cosine of the electrical angle to the inverter
  • High speed and low delay
  • Standard mechanical design independent of e-motor’s number of pole pairs
  • Covers single-ended or differential outputs upon request
  • Integrated sensor protection against harsh external environment
  • Amplified output for EMC robustness and long cable harness
  • ASIL C (ASIL D possible on request)
  • Robust design - overmolded tight sensor IP6K9K
  • Low current consumption
  • Reduced number of parts for easy and cost-efficient assembly
  • Reduced weight and size compared to resolver solution

Technical Information

-40° C to 140 °C (155 °C peak)

Operating temperature range

4.5 - 5.5 V

Operating supply voltage

Angular accuracy: up to ±0.5° electrical (depending on the mechanical concept)

Current consumption: max 15 mA (30 mA if redundant)

480,000 teeth/min

Rotation speed


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