Wheel Speed Sensors

Next Generation Wheel Speed Sensor

The Next Generation Wheel Speed Sensor provides an optimized element package for carrier-less processing and improved robustness.

With its Next Generation Wheel Speed Sensor Continental provides an intelligent solution. It is flexible in reading position, robust and developed according to ISO26262 safety standard but it requires significantly less design variation and validation effort resulting in shorter times to market. The Next Generation Wheel Speed Sensor consists of a tight core sensor. The cable is already connected and overmolded. This pre-validated core sensor is the basic element for every application. For adaptation to a customer-specific vehicle only the holder needs to be designed.

Benefits & Features

  • Pre-validated core sensor
  • Application specific holder
  • Flexible reading: from parallel to perpendicular orientation and any angle inbetween, not affected by clearance tolerances
  • Stable and accurate even in EMR environments
  • Integrated GMR: MR bridge and ASIC on one single chip
  • Robust element package for carrier-less processing
  • Optimized manufacturing process
  • One master-validation
  • Cable and connector variants available

Technical Information

robustness, pre-validated sealing mechanism, functional safe

High Quality

flexible reading, integrated GMR technology, electrical functionality

Sophisticated function

standard design w/o carrier

Optimal cost

reduced time to market

Faster delivery

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