Safe Mobility

No matter what, safety is not negotiable.

More than 1.3 million people die in road accidents worldwide every year. A further 50 million are injured. However, it is not just the number of accidents, deaths or injuries, but also developments such as vehicle electrification and autonomous mobility, as well as rules and legal regulations, which are leading to increased requirements in terms of vehicle safety and are driving forward market penetration.

Our Goal

Our overarching goal is Vision Zero, i.e., a world without deaths, injuries, or traffic accidents. Safety, comfort and driving dynamics are key elements in the development of new mobility solutions. As one of the leading companies in safety technologies, Continental can look back on a long tradition and extensive expertise in the areas of mechanical systems, electronics hardware, software, and vehicle and system architecture and integration. At the same time, it is the engineers, experts and teams around the world who have always contributed to making mobility safer with their clever ideas and enthusiastic dedication, thereby helping to save lives. This is how Continental creates safe mobility for all road users – today and in the future. And that for all types of vehicles and drives as well as for every type of mobility solution.

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Brake Systems

A vehicle’s brake system is the most important safety technology to prevent accidents and ensure a smooth driving experience. Brake systems are becoming increasingly intelligent so they can meet the future needs and requirements of automated and autonomous driving as well as electrification; and this in newly conceived vehicles designed with modified architecture. This functional extension requires a profound understanding of the system to combine uncompromising safety and sustainability in future brake systems.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced driver assistance systems are crucial for vehicle safety, as they help drivers detect and respond to potential hazards early. Systems like Lane Keeping Assist, Emergency Brake Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Control significantly reduce accident risk. They enhance driver attention and responsiveness, minimizing human errors.

Sensor Technologies and Control Units

Innovative sensor technologies ensure the highest level of road safety in and around every vehicle. Airbag control units support various safety-relevant functions and, depending on the version, integrate additional complex active and passive safety features.

Software Solutions

Software solutions are crucial for vehicle safety. They enable for example seamless integration and control of driving and safety features, enhancing vehicle stability and optimizing response times in hazardous situations.

Safe Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure solutions have the potential to reduce risk and make streets much safer. By combining a wide range of automotive technologies beyond vehicles, accidents can be reduced.

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