Digital Instrument Cluster

Digital Clusters

From Analog to Digital.

Digital Instrument Cluster

Digital Cluster ensure that the driver is comprehensively and reliably informed at all times. They provide basic driving information like speedometer, tachometer, temperature, fuel, telltales, and warnings. Additional information is presented via display, e.g. radio, on-board computer, internet, navigation, telephone, rear/front view camera and driver assistance systems information.

Technical Information

  • Automotive ready start-up times <2 sec
  • Up to 60hz update frequency for smooth appearance
  • HD resolutions supported by high performance graphic controllers
  • Compliant to safety relevant norms (e.g. ASIL)
  • Compliant to cyber security standards
  • Support for a wide set of HMI toolchains (proprietary and commercial tools) by means of and HMI abstraction layer

Benefits & Features

  • Optimized information management by adaptability to driving situation
  • Optimally displaying information of advanced comfort driver assistance systems
  • Personalization of content and style according to individual needs as well as the ability to choose different profiles
  • Full range from entry till high end solutions

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