Power Closures

Our Power Closures Electronics control various moveable elements in the vehicle.

High-quality electronic control units for comfortable and safe opening and closing operations that are highly adaptable to various carlines and architectures


Continental offers features such as 'one-touch' activation, speed regulated operations, remote control as well as automatic operations for our Power Closure Systems. Sophisticated protection and control algorithms ensure that the closure systems move smoothly and harmoniously.

Through our flexible compensation algorithms, we eliminate external influences such as snow load, changes in temperature and inclination. Our system and software are designed and developed based on our extended knowledge of the complete mechanical system. We offer our Power Closure solutions as scalable solutions - as standalone ECUs or as Function as a Product solution.


Anti-Pinch Technology

Our industry-benchmark anti-pinch technology is a crucial safety feature in modern cars and prevents injuries of users or damages to the car by detecting and reacting to obstacles to prevent a crash.  

We have more than 20 years of experience in anti-pinch development with a solid track record for industrializing systems including anti-pinch technology (e.g. Power Window Lifter, Power Liftgate, Sunroof, Seat Control Unit).