Wheel Speed Sensor

Integration of sensor and second application connection in one product.

The control systems for ABS, TCS and ESC determine the wheel speed based on signals sent by the wheel speed sensors. This information is used to prevent the wheels from locking and determine when the wheels are spinning, taking appropriate control action to maintain the vehicle’s stability and steering responses. The wheel speed is measured using the anisotropic magneto-resistance effects as AMR or GMR. These technologies together with the integrated signal processing enable our WSS to provide information of the wheel rotational speed to control systems, such as ABS, TCS and ESC. This method and the integrated information processing feature enable our latest generation of sensors to handle many functions. Development according to ISO 26262 (Functional Safety Management Requirements).

Benefits & Features

  • Measurement of rotational speed
  • Air-gap measurement
  • Large air-gap measurement
  • Standardized output signal: 2 level current output or digital AK data protocol (supporting direction recognition which is needed for comfort functions like park distance control, hill start assistance etc.)
  • High temperature resistance
  • Internal signal monitoring
  • ISO26262 compliance
  • Standardized and prevalidated design – shorter time to market​
  • High robustness​

Technical Information

True Zero Speed

up to 360 km/h

Large speed range

up to 4.5 mm

Large air-gap range

Standardized output protocol

- 40°C up to 150°C

Temperature range from

Self diagnosis

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