Electric Mobility

Technologies around clean and sustainable mobility are being enhanced further across the globe, with continued focus on electric and hybrid electric vehicles. 

Continental develops innovations to support the requirements of customers around the areas of vehicle safety, battery, sensors, braking, information management and tires, to elevate their holistic electrification journey.
We provide a range of innovations for the development of safe and intelligent electric vehicles, which will put electrified mobility at the forefront of the future of mobility. Some of these are listed below.



Vehicle electrification brings new use cases and thus opens up more opportunities to our sensor activities, because an electric car has all the sensor needs a conventional car has – and more.”

We monitor, manage, and protect.

Solutions for Vehicle Electrification

Keeping a check on the battery status

Intelligent Battery Sensor

The Intelligent Battery Sensor continuously analyzes the status of conventional 12-Volt lead acid batteries and provides information on such key parameters as the state-of-charge, state-of-function and state-of-health of the battery.  

Keeping the battery healthy

High Voltage Current Sensor Module

The Current Sensor Module (CSM) continuously monitors the current and temperature to ensure long-term durability of the high-voltage battery.

Electrification Agriculture

eMobility for Off-Highway vehicles

Continental's cutting-edge e-mobility solutions for off-highway vehicles represent a bold step towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

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