Pneumatic Seat Systems

Our Pneumatic Seat Systems with many added functions are especially comfortable and offer clear technical advantages.

Functions and Options

How it works

The individual air cells in the seat are inflated and deflated through valves. Pressure sensors detect the level of inflation at all times, thus enabling memory and control functions that are required for automatic compensation of fluctuations in exterior pressure, such as when driving up and down hills.


The core element of our Pneumatic Seat System is the electronic module, which is responsible for the control of the complete system and its functions. Integrated in the module are also all the necessary components for the pneumatic control like the valves, the pressure distribution unit and the pressure sensors. In addition, we provide the necessary air supply, the matching seat substructure, consisting of a wire frame, felt mats, and air cells, along with the air hoses to connect them. Furthermore, for the drive dynamic function, pneumatically activated flaps are required to reinforce the seat side bolsters for the driver and the passenger seat.

Benefits & Features

Our Pneumatic Seat Systems with many added functions are especially comfortable and offer clear technical advantages.

The multi-contour seat function allows vehicle occupants to adapt the contour of the seat to their individual requirements. Via air cells integrated into the backrest and seat cushion the seat adjusts to fit the body.

The optional massage function further enhances comfort for vehicle occupants on long journeys by means of alternate inflation and deflation of the air cells.

The drive dynamic function automatically adapts the side bolsters of the seat to the current driving situation, ensuring optimum stability for occupants at all times, even when cornering. The advantages of a comfort seat are thus combined with those of a sports car seat.

Compared with electromechanical systems, pneumatic seat systems operate more quietly and weigh significantly less. Furthermore, they also allow more precise adaptation to the body shape and can withstand greater mechanical stress.

Technical Information

  • Multi-contour seat function for adapting the seat to individual posture
  • Massage function
  • Dynamic lateral support (drive dynamic seat) for cornering
  • Realized by means of multiple inflatable air chambers in the seat
  • Both electronics and pneumatic system are supplied
  • Linearly controlled valves
  • Supply of electronics, valves, compressor, and mechanics with air-cell system

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