Advanced Radar Sensor


Long-Range Radar

The ARS640 is a high performance premium long range radar sensor which enables highly automated driving in combination with other technologies and the successor of the first 4D imaging radar ARS540. The ARS640 provides best radar performance for critical use cases in urban and highway scenarios. Based on the 5th generation of imaging radars updated cyber security features, sophisticated interference robustness as well as significantly reduced power consumption are realized in the ARS640.

Benefits & Features

  • Highly Automated Driving scenarios supported in L3-L5 systems
  • Direct and independent measurement of four dimensions (range, doppler, azimuth, elevation)
  • 300 meter range for various targets
  • Real height measurement
  • Multi-hypothesis tracking for better prediction of high complexity scenarios
  • Classification of traffic participants & infrastructure
  • Radar-only VRU detection by means of micro-doppler technology
  • Auto alignment
  • Highest availability of all ADAS technologies
  • Enhanced Cyber Security (HSE-H, EVITA High)

Technical Information

137 x 90 x 40 mm (w/o connector)


~500 g


300 m


± 60°

Field of View

±0.1° in azimuth and elevation

Angular accuracy

60 ms

Update Rate

-40° to +85°

Temperature Range

~23 W

Power Dissip.

12 V (nominal)

Supply Voltage: 12 V

76…77 GHz

Operation Frequency

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