The best driver's workplace is modular, innovative and award-winning.

Like the modular driver's workplace from Continental.

What does good driver’s workplace do?

Make drivers even better.

Driving a city bus is demanding. Narrow streets, increasingly heavy traffic, complex fare models, and passengers with a broad range of needs: Drivers need to keep on top of everything. Oh, and they also need to be on time. A first-class  driver’s workplace  must perform at the same level. Ergonomics and comfort make work easier, an intuitive layout and a simple operating concept make driving more productive and safer. Drivers are noticeably less stressed.
The perfect driver’s workplace? The modular driver’s workplace from Continental.


The modular driver’s workplace from Continental.

State-of-the-art technology in an innovative design that blends seamlessly into the design concepts of the latest generation of city buses: The modular driver’s workplace leaves nothing to be desired. With extensive configuration options, this driver’s workplace can be adapted to a wide variety of needs. Intelligence included. And we’re not the only ones excited about this product: The iF Design Award and German Design Award juries are, too. The modular driver’s workplace from Continental is an attractive, flexible, and highly functional workplace that has no equal.

How do you design an innovative driver’s workplace?

Modular, modular, modular.

The name says it all: In developing our latest driver’s workplace concept, we focused on one thing: the human element. Human beings, whether drivers or fleet operators, are all different and have a wide range of needs. The modular driver’s workplace is designed to accommodate them all. Furthermore, it also fits the requirements of its application.

Main display

Main display.

Freely programmable core module.

The core module of the modular driver’s workplace is the  freely programmable 12.3-inch TFT color display. The flexible division of the viewing area, animated 2D and 2.5D graphics, and optional pop-up messages keep the driver up to date at all times. The one-fits-all approach makes it possible to use a single display in every vehicle. Programming is just as efficient: The development environment is the same regardless of vehicle type.

Displays and control panels.

Modular, modular, modular.

The other modules are arranged in a honeycomb pattern around the main display. Room for two additional displays  at the top  and two control panels  underneath the ventilation modules makes the modular driver’s workplace a highly functional cockpit. Assignment of the displays and controls is just as flexible as using the main display: the electronic components are freely programmable – in the same development environment.  

Displays and control panels
Icon kit.

Icon kit.

More than 800 control icons.

A kit with more than eight hundred control icons, extendable with any desired icon design through use of laser technology, with assignable RGB LED color lights and a flexible module arrangement, ensure  seamless support of international applications  as well as  left- and right-hand drives.


Perfect operability always guaranteed.

No matter the configuration, perfect ergonomics is a given.   If the driver adjusts the steering column, the entire cockpit moves along with it. The relative positioning of the components to one another, developed according to EBSF and VDV standards, is preserved, ensuring ideal accessibility and operability.

The modular driver’s workplace is adjustable to every driver – in future automatically

The modular driver’s workplace makes fully automated scenarios feasible. Individual driver profiles will be saved and retrieved at the touch of a button. In addition, cameras can be used to recognize drivers. With an intelligent image processing algorithm, the driver could automatically be recognized before starting his or her shift with the seat and steering column automatically being adjusted to their stored profiles.

Displays and control panels

KIBES® board electronics

Those who rely on our KIBES® multiplex system use a cost-optimized and scalable platform solution in their vehicle - ideally designed for a wide range of vehicle volumes. With the ZR5-A central computer, up to 18 nodes for different signals can be connected. It offers complex network connectivity with multiple generic CANs that can be programmed according to customer requirements. The modular driver workstation can be used as a man-machine interface within the KIBES® system architecture in addition to various displays.


Decisions made easy.

With our mDWP Configurator.

Choices abound: Continental has created the mDWP Configurator to take the stress out of building your individual modular driver’s workplace. Let your Continental customer advisor take you through the various options and design the perfect solution for you right on the screen. This short video shows you just how easy it is.

KIBES® board electronics


On the road to the intelligent driver’s workplace.

With the freely programmable modules, the intelligence of the driver’s workplace is limited by only one thing: your imagination.

Intelligent operating concept

Your personally choreographed cockpit.

There are countless interpretations of what the optimal HMI should look like. But there’s one thing everyone agrees on: Intelligent operating concepts can make the driver’s work easier. By providing the right information at the right time and offering adequate operating options, drivers can focus on what’s important. Develop innovative display concepts for driving, a display scenario for the bus stop and another one for break mode. That way you always make the most of the possibilities offered by the modular driver’s workplace. Drivers will love it. Function, safety, and comfort increase in equal measure. The cockpit blends into the vehicle perfectly and enhances the look and feel of the vehicle and transportation company.


For every type of bus.

Developed for city buses, the core of the mDWP shares synergies with other types of buses. Cherry-picking, in this case, is allowed!

Simply the best, always.

For city, intercity, and tour buses.

What makes the hardware design of the modular driver’s workplace so special is its modularity. The freely programmable electronic components of the displays and control modules offer virtually complete freedom. Perfect for non-homogeneous fleets! The components are freely programmable for a particular look and feel. That’s especially beneficial for vehicles where the customized look of the cockpit is important, such as intercity and tour buses. The display with the electronics unit and the board for the control panel come from Continental, and the individual dashboard body from the vehicle manufacturer. The logic is programmed on the same development platform as the fully housed components of the modular driver’s workplace. The functions and libraries can be shared. This approach significantly reduces the development effort, particularly for mixed vehicle fleets.

Every type of bus

The underlying philosophy.

The idea.

Intelligent solutions like the module driver’s workplace from Continental are no accident.
In this video, Mario Tedesco and Michael Glunk explain why.

The underlying philosophy.

Simplicity & efficiency.

Mario Tedesco and Michael Glunk explain why such a flexible and convenient system can still be simple and economical.

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