Tire Filling Assistant

The Filling Assistant supports the driver with the action of filling tire pressure to the correct pressure using visual (i.e. flashing lights or smartphone app) and/or audio feedback (horn) from the vehicle. It provides a simple, easy and positive support for filling up and measuring pressure in each tire.

Benefits & Features

  • High convenience during filling proccess
  • Reduced risk of tire breakdown
  • Automatically detects the start of the filling
  • Visual/audio feedback given to driver when target pressure is reached via honking and/or light blinking
  • Optional: Use of mobile devices such as smartphones
  • Optional: WLAN or Bluetooth® communication to mobile devices
  • Gives the driver confidence in tire pressure information and accuracy at the pump
  • Enhanced driving safety
  • Emissions reduction
  • Increased tire life time

Technical Information

Wheel fitted TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensor/eTIS (electronic-Tire Information System) module

Tire localization (via Continental‘s LocSync or LocaPASE)

Optional Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® interface

RF Receiver and/or Body Control Module

Frequent RF transmissions during inflation


Algorithms harvest the Potential of Data

Driving Safety will benefit from utilizing vehicle data in innovative ways: Algorithm-based smart digital solutions interpret data to generate new value.

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