Wheel Speed Sensors

Wheel Speed Sensor with EPB Cable

Integration of sensor and second application connection in one product.

The integration of both functions (wheel speed signal transmission) and EPB power transmission is assured by a special 4 wire cable design having high bending durability performance, less connector interfaces and low electric resistance. The integrated WSS cable and its functions are a carry-over of the single WSS cable technology.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduction of product, development and assembly cost along the supply chain (compared to single applications)
  • Customer-friendly assembly in the vehicle production line
  • Reduced part of numbers
  • Flexible use of additional cable possible

Technical Information

Integration of sensor and second application connection in one product

Optimized routing and related interfaces to the EEDS (Electric and Electronic Distribution System) and to the EPB

Upgradable module/possibility of integrating additional functions (e.g. integration of the Brake Pad Wear Indicator or suspension cables)

Fixation system can be adapted to the chassis architecture

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