Driver's Workplaces

Driver’s Workplace+

The workplace for functionality and flexibility. The facelift is based on the Driver's Workplace Classic, with a high customer (color) flexibility and a new and improved Modular Instrument Cluster.

Technical Specifications

  • Steering column top part is tilted at 26.5° to the vertical axis and can be adjusted at +/- 6.5° and the guidance of the steering column bottom part allows a linear movement of ±55 mm
  • Total weight of dashboard module about 40 kg; the moving mass is about 25kg
  • HMI with freely configurable switch configuration
  • Configurable construction kit of standard set of components modifiable by customer demands
  • 2 big and up to 4 small gauges with integrated warning telltales and segmented LCD
  • Up to 26 configurable, dual colored telltales
  • Colored TFT display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution
  • Up to 3 cameras possible to connect

Features & Benefits

  • All the Benefits and Features from the Driver's Workplace Classic
  • Fresh design with contemporary features
  • Multifunctional Instrumentation (MOKI 3), customized dial possible
  • Changeable pads (e.g. to fit with bus interior)
  • Accessory holder and power outlet for general application (optional for mobile phones etc.)

Product Highlights

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