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Software-defined Vehicles

From Road to Cloud – From Virtual to Real:

Our software-defined vehicle approach

Coming generations of vehicles are increasingly characterized by software-enabled functions. Decoupling software from hardware enables rapid and continuous development and implementation of new functions and software updates throughout the vehicle's lifetime.

A look into the future shows clearly: The importance of software for vehicles will increase significantly. Modern driver assistance systems will soon enable automated and fully autonomous driving.


Data processing with artificial intelligence plays a central role in this development. As vehicles become part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and transfer large amounts of data to and from the cloud, the software is needed to process, manage and distribute all this data. As drivers increasingly see the vehicle as an extension of their digital living space, the ever more extensive content in the infotainment of the vehicle cockpit must be implemented and managed.

The Road to Cloud Ecosystem

Software-enabled functions drive the future of vehicle design 

In a software-defined vehicle, functions are enabled by software. Decoupling software from hardware enables swift and continuous development & implementation of new functions and software updates throughout vehicle lifetime.

Our approach: the road to cloud ecosystem. Within this we deliver enabling technologies, hardware components and complex software solutions and functions.

From Road to Cloud

Enable. Develop. Integrate.


In addition to the right enabling technologies, the separation of hardware and software is the basis for the software-defined vehicle. Just as with a mobile, functions can be added, thus equipping a car with special functions that provide more safety, a great user experience, and more sustainability in the vehicle.

With new vehicle architectures, connectivity solutions and a comprehensive hardware & software portfolio for almost all areas of the car, we provide technologically sophisticated and unique solutions for passengers and drivers.

Cloud-based Development

Cloud applications are the key to the software-defined vehicle

The cloud is both a central collection point and a central processing center for applications and functionalities.  

The cloud also plays a central role in the development of new software functions with Continental's own CAEdge (Continental Automotive Edge) framework.


CAEdge Framework

Our development environment for software intensive vehicle architectures 

Learn more about CAEdge
From Virtual to Real

Automotive Software Development

from virtual to real

New technologies and the challenges resulting from them always place new demands on our customers and on us. Managing complexity, new architectures, integration and lifecycle are the pain points that need to be solved.

With the road to cloud ecosystem, we have the right solution for many industry requirements and can scale new systems into the market.

Our Solutions

Special components and solutions for a wide range of functional areas - made by Continental. Whether for autonomous driving, user experience or your fleet - our experts have the perfect solution - from components and software to development and integration.

Enabling Technologies

With our technologies, we offer the appropriate foundations for all functions of the software defined vehicle. Comprehensive hardware solutions, our expertise in development and integration, and innovative technologies are the basis on which future functions can be built.  

Partners & Cooperations

All from one single, reliable source.

Continental is therefore also working with partners to find the best solutions.

This strong collaboration enables us to provide innovative solutions for the user-centric and software-defined vehicle.

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