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Human Vision

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Visualization of the Vehicle and its Surroundings

Our state-of-the-art competence in the visualization of the vehicle and its surroundings is a result of many years of expertise in the area of Human Vision. It provides for driver assistance and therefore increases safety and comfort. Available as a complete system with cameras, customer tailored software or “Software as a Product” for integrated cockpit systems.

In addition, it is also available as a software only product. The software stack can easily be integrated into an OEM’s library, or any third-party system / software architecture. As a result, it increases an OEM’s flexibility in sourcing individual software products. We see individualized solutions as a true benefit to our customers.

Our technology in real life action

Fasten your seatbelts! I’m taking you on a test drive to showcase our technology of Human Vision. Don’t forget to turn on the sound to experience 3D adaptive bowl, transparent vehicle, see through bonnet, blind spot views and more in full action!”


Uwe Schäfer

Automotive Engineer

3D Surround View

The 3D surround view function shows the driver with a dynamic set of Virtual Viewpoints that provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. The 3D image renderings are based on stitched images from surround view cameras.

This feature models the car in 3D and reflects the car’s current state in real-time, including – for example – the opening of doors and trunk, sunroof, activation of wipers, front and rear lights and the angle of wheels which can help to protect wheels and rims from damage.

Transparent Vehicle

With the help of additional information, based on our improved visualization function, a vehicle can be maneuvered precisely and in a controlled manner in narrow parking spaces with high curbs, or over speed bumps and potholes. The vehicle appears transparent to the driver.

Especially, urban driving can be sometimes challenging. But Transparent Hood allows precise maneuvering by monitoring objects under the vehicles body.  

Ego Vehicle Animation and Individualization

The Ego vehicle animation and individualization feature offers dynamic reflections that are updated for every frame, physically based renderings for realistic motion and lighting effects, as well as a transparent 3D model that is configurable per part of the vehicle.

It also offers color changes that allows for a 3D vehicle color model which can either be configured with production or manually to adapt to customer modifications or preferences. We see individualization as a true benefit to our customers.

Transparent Trailer

The Transparent Trailer technology allows drivers to “see through” a trailer in haul and check the area behind and beside. Based on our Surround View system, the technology enables safer driving while towing.

Two cameras and a control unit work together to provide a panoramic view that renders the trailer virtually invisible. The result is a seamless live feed for drivers to see the road and any obstacles behind the trailer, allowing for forward driving and lane change assistance.

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