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Curved Ultrawide Display

Infinte space for new experiences

The Continental Curved Ultrawide Display is the world’s first curved pillar-to-pillar display in passenger cars with a so-called shy technology control surface, enabling a puristic and appealing vehicle design.

The 129 cm wide display size provides infinite space for a seamless user experience and integrates the functions of three displays in one. The innovative interaction concept is based on a shy control panel, becoming invisible when not needed and enabling interaction on demand. With its premium design the curved display together with the shy control panel create a living room on wheels.   

User Experience Highlights

  • World’s first curved  pillar-to-pillar display with  In2visible control surface
  • 129 cm display area providing infinite space for a seamless user experience
  • Innovative interaction concept with dynamic In2Vision control screen
  • Premium design creating a living room on wheels
  • Touch Control for Driver and Co-Driver
Curved Ultrawide Display Frontal Phone

Technology Highlights

  • 47.5’ single panel TFT display  
  • Curved ultrawide 8K TFT Display with local dimming  
  • In2Vision Control Panel with 12.3” TFT Display with local dimming for highest image quality and energetic efficiency
  • Capacitive multi-touch and active haptic feedback

Product Highlights

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